Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the best way to use Once A Week for best result?

To experience BEST results, we recommend users to use Once a week at night, after shower before sleep. Because it is BEST to apply Once a week when the skin area is CLEAN, COOL and DRY. Make sure the application is THOROUGH to completely cover targeted skin area.

For the first-time users, some may NOT get to enjoy the weeklong efficacy for the following possible reasons:

The application is not thorough to comprehensively cover the cleaned odorous skin area. “THOROUGH” is the key.

When applying Once a week, the cleaned odorous skin area is not cool and dry.

Once a week does not work on wet or sweating skin. The key is “COOL and DRY”. Deficient or uneven application to the skin disrupted by body hair will be equally ineffective.

Why is it that when I extract the Once A Week wipes from the packet, the individual wipes are not evenly wet?

Each wipe carry a pre-set amount of liquid Once a week sufficient to effectively produce 24hr-weeklong efficacy when is used as directed. Therefore, it’s normal to see the wipe not evenly wet.

While Once a week claims to practically cause zero irritation to all skin, some might feel mild itchy on the skin applied with?

sight of blushes and rashes are the common signs of skin irritation. REST ASSURED, Once a week is as mild as baby shampoo to the skin with more than 80% is water. We did receive inquiries from first-time users and some felt weird and felt like scratching. We continued to monitor the status and found that there are no signs of skin irritation and even days later, everything was fine.

If there is blushes or rashes on the area of application, it is most likely because of the physical pressure and friction on the skin by the wipe on some very sensitive skin. It will usually only stay for a few minutes.

Why sometimes after the application, the disposable wipe turns dark?

This is because some of the ingredients react to sunlight. Therefore, please don’t ever use Once A Week in sunlight, to get the most effective results.

Why sometimes stain will occur on my shirt in the underarms after application?

Once a week does not produce stain. Sometimes, after application, if a user does not follow the “Direction of Use”, wait out few minutes of drying time before dressing, for the fact that some of the ingredients are responsive to sunlight; hence, the garment will appear stained. And the “staining” is not reversible. Once a week is also nicknamed as “after dark deodorant”. Evidently this is because using Once a week after sunset or out of reach of sunlight will completely avoid of the “staining”.

Why the deodorant effects vary individually?

The odorless conditions last differently depending on the lifestyles of different individuals. For example, the deodorant effect on a person working indoor and perspires little will last longer than a user who is active in sports or perspires more than average people on a daily basis. Once a week was sample tested in multi-ethic markets and the deodorant results in terms of duration ranged from 5 to 9 days.

What is the philosophy of Once a week?

In simple terms, Once a week was developed to trouble shoot the colonization of bacteria on the skin. Body odors validate the existence of bacteria on the skin. Through biotech research, the water-based Once a week was developed to inhibit harmful bacteria that produce foul smell: body odors. Thru metabolism process, the function of Once a week will be weakened over 6 to 10 days and hence everything will be back to normal again; so are the returns of body odors.